RT FIZ Wireless Lens Control Kit

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For alternative RT FIZ Wireless Lens Control Kit options see RT FIZ Wireless Lens Control Kit (MK3.1, MDR.X, CTRL.3)

Operate all of your lens functions simultaneously with Teradek’s RT FIZ Wireless Lens Control Kit, giving you complete control of focus, iris, and zoom. Our compact but comprehensive kit includes our CTRL.3 wireless lens controller, a MOTR.X lens monitor, and your choice of either the full-sized MDR.X or compact-sized MDR.S, our two three-monitor receivers. This customizable kit offers a lens-control configuration ideal for 1st ACs, camera operators, content creators, rental houses, and more. Each kit comes with focus rings as well as the motor and camera control cables necessary to get started. 

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Learn about the included items in the RT FIZ Wireless Lens Control Kit 

RT CTRL.3 Single-Axis Wireless Lens Controller

The RT CRTL.3 Single-Axis Wireless Lens Controller offers wireless control of focus, iris, or zoom with up to 5,000 ft of range. Highlights of this wireless controller include compatibility with Teradek RT motors and receivers, a simple to use and read OLED menu system, lens mapping (metric and imperial), and the ability to support lens-mapping overlays on most SmallHD monitors. You’ll also get a long battery life – allowing you to shoot for up to a week – an illuminated focus knob with magnetic encoder, and Cinetape integration.

RT MDR.X Full Size and RT MDR.S Compact Three Axis Lens Control Receiver w/ Bluetooth

The RT FIZ Wireless Lens Control Kit includes your choice of our RT MDR.X Full Size or RT MDR.S Compact Three Axis Lens Control Receiver. Both MDR.X and MDR.S receivers feature OLED screens, ports for camera start and stop control, a maximum line-of-sight range of 5,000 feet, FHSS wireless technology to prevent interference, and Bluetooth integration so you can remotely control your lens with the Teradek RT app for iOS

Highlights of RT MDR.X Full Size Three Axis Lens Control Receiver w/ Bluetooth

RT MDR.X features 3 dedicated lens-motor ports – with the ability to daisy-chain up to 3 motors for a cleaner build – and 2 serial ports for wired control, Cinetape, and more. This robust receiver weighs only 140g making it ideal for both smaller and mid-sized cameras, drones, or gimbals.

MDR.X is compatible with both MOTR.X, MK3.1 motors, wired controllers, CTRL.1, CTRL.3, TOF.1, and 3rd party rangefinders.

Highlights of RT MDR.S Compact Three Axis Lens Control Receiver w/ Bluetooth

The MDR.S is Teradek’s small but robust receiver, weighing only 2.4 oz. – 30% smaller than its predecessor, MDR.X – making it simple to add to any smaller camera, drone, or gimbal without overcrowding or weighing down.

MDR.S allows for up to 3 channels of lens control, with the ability to daisy-chain up to 3 motors for a cleaner build. The power port supports up to 28V for compatibility with a wide range of cameras. MDR.S is compatible with both MOTR.X, MK3.1 motors, CTRL.1,and CTRL.3. Teradek’s MDR.S is not compatible with TOF.1 or Cinetape.

RT MOTR.X Brushless Lens Motor 

To complete the kit, you’ll choose between one, two, or three RT MOTR.X Brushless Lens Motor – our ground-breaking and near silent motors. MOTR.X motors are the fastest and highest torque lens motors available with superior lens protection software and interchangeable gears.

MOTR.X motors offer dual power ports for daisy-chaining multiple motors to reduce cable clutter, an illuminated axis indicator, and an axis selection with a FIZ button. These brushless motors provide 6 times the service life of brushed motors and feature built-in motor drivers. This motor includes thin flexible cables and reversible gears, with gears available in 0.8, 0.6, 0.5, and 0.4 wide.

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