Wireless Lens Control

Sophisticated Cinematic Lens Control

Teradek RT wireless FI+Z systems combine premium lens control technology with smart design for unparalleled accuracy and dependability on set.

Compact & Lightweight Receivers

Teradek RT motor driver receivers (MDR) are extraordinarily easy to mount, require little power, and support up to 3-channels for focus, iris, and zoom control.

The Quietest Cine Lens Motors

Our brushless motors are a revolution in wireless lens control, offering superior response, smoother operation, and 4 times the service life of brushed motors. The motors never cog, spark, or skip and operate nearly silently, even at high speeds.

Precise Control

MK 3.1 wireless controllers move your lenses with perfect accuracy and offer up to 6 mappable axes and an adjustable fluid feel control knob. Wireless commands are transmitted using FHSS over 2.4GHz, which can cut through the toughest interference at a distance up to 5000 ft.

RED Approved

The Latitude line of MDRs include RED DSMC and DSMC2 camera control, allowing you to manage various camera settings from your wireless controller. Additionally, you can control the focus, iris, and zoom of EF and AF lenses using their internal motors.


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