What is Sharelink?

Sharelink expands the capabilities of VidIU Pro to help you reach more viewers more reliably

Network Bonding

Streaming from locations with poor connectivity is a pain, but not anymore. Sharelink allows you to combine bandwidth from Ethernet, WiFi, and several iPhone LTE connections to create a single robust uplink for higher quality, more reliable broadcasts from any location. There are lots of ways to aggregate bandwidth from your network connections. Some of the most popular combinations include:

Ethernet is the most robust bandwidth foundation for a solid livestream, but that doesn’t mean your link can always sustain an HD broadcast. By adding additional network sources, you can attain a higher quality stream while adding redundancy to your fixed connection.
A 4G / LTE USB modem is a quick and easy way to go live from locations without a fixed internet connection or to add additional bandwidth to networks with too little uplink for a 1080p broadcast.
f you don’t have a USB modem handy or if you need a third network connection to increase your available streaming bandwidth, add a 4G / LTE hotspot via WiFi.
When you’re really in a pinch, up to 4 iPhones running the VidiU application can contribute their LTE data to your VidiU Pro, even if you’re already using Ethernet, WiFi, and a USB modem.
* Sharelink is not compatible with Android

Multi-platform Delivery

Stream to multiple destinations at one time to get your content in front of viewers on every major platform. Sharelink allows you to publish your stream on up to 5 destinations at one time, including 5 different Facebook Pages or Groups.

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Remote Management

Remotely manage and configure VidiU Pro from anywhere in the world. If you loan or rent your VidiU Pro, Sharelink’s management suite allows you to help your clients or team get up and running in no time.


Cloud Management
Uplink Traffic**
On Demand


3 + $5/channel
0 GB + $10/GB


3 + $5/channel
50 GB + $1/GB


1 + $10/device
5 + $5/channel
150 GB + $0.50/GB
**Uplink Traffic is used when the VidiU is connected to ShareLink.

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