RT MDR.X Full Size Three Axis Lens Control Receiver w/ Bluetooth

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RT MDR.X Full Size Three Axis Lens Control Receiver w/ Bluetooth is our high-tech, 3-axis receiver for lens focus, iris, and zoom control with Teradek RT. This robust receiver weighs only 140g making it ideal for both smaller and mid-sized cameras, drones, or gimbals. 

MDR.X features 3 dedicated lens-motor ports – with the ability to daisy-chain up to 3 motors for a cleaner build – and 2 serial ports for wired control, Cinetape, and more. The camera control port allows users to start and stop recording from your RT hand unit.

The MDR.X receiver features FHSS wireless technology – which prevents interference – an OLED screen with a simple menu system, a replaceable and customizable external antenna, and maximum line-of-sight range of 5,000 ft. Using the MDR.X’s integrated Bluetooth, you can remotely control your lens with the Teradek RT app for iOS. 

MDR.X is compatible with both MORT.X, MK3.1 motors, wired controllers, CTRL.1, CTRL.3, TOF.1, and 3rd party rangefinders. This three-motor receiver can be bundled with our RT FIZ Wireless Lens Control Kit to give you complete lens control for focus, iris, and zoom.

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