Link Pro - Cellular Bonding and Dual Band WiFi Router

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Be sure to also purchase Node Modems or have USB Cellular Modems to utilize Link Pro.

The Link Pro is a powerful WiFi router that gives you a robust Internet connection wherever you go. Featuring built-in cellular bonding technology, each router offers rock-solid Internet even in the most remote or WiFi congested locations, allowing you to work from areas you otherwise couldn’t.


This Link Pro Standalone unit comes with no Teradek Nodes, allowing you to supply your own cellular modems and mounting solutions.

Maximum Redundancy

Link Pro combines up to six 3G/4G/LTE modems into a single, robust Internet connection for devices to connect to. This eliminates a single point of failure, allowing you to browse the web seamlessly without any interruptions to your work.

Powerful Range

Up to 1000 ft. of wireless range. 

Built to Withstand

Link Pro’s rugged aluminum chassis is built to withstand the harshest of work environments, whether you’re in the studio or on-the-go.

Dual Band 2.4 / 5.0 GHz WiFi

Choose the network that’s right for your environment. Whether you require more range for your work (2.4GHz) or a less-congested band (5.0GHz), Link Pro supports the latest in WiFi standards.

Battery Options

Both Gold & V-mount battery options are available for the Link Pro so it can integrate into any workflow.


A subscription to our Core platform is required to get the most out of Link Pro. With Core, you can leverage multiple cellular data links at one time to surf the web, upload files, and more. Without a subscription, Link Pro cannot operate over bonded connections.

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