Rundown: Teradek RT App for iOS

To bring wireless follow focus systems to the modern age, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Teradek RT App for iOS. Follow focus technology can get stuck in the past, and configuring units from small buttons on a controller can be tedious and time-consuming. With the new app, we’re giving ACs the latest tool in lens control that streamlines the setup process, including lens mapping.

Compatible with CTRL.3 and MDR.X, the Teradek RT app allows for remote configuration of all of your system’s settings. In fact, it can pretty much do anything the CTRL.3 can, including a virtual slider for controlling FIZ on your iOS device. This will save a ton of time in prep and on set, ensuring you don’t have to fiddle with deep menu settings in the middle of a shoot.

Let’s take a closer look at all of the features:

Lens Mapping

The ultimate convenience when mapping your lens. The app gives you a familiar interface and virtual knob that you can use to easily set your marks. It will ask for the lens manufacturer, name for the map, and which axis to configure (focus, iris or zoom). Maps are automatically shared with the connected CTRL.3.

Future updates will include cloud syncing for loading onto multiple controllers.

Configure Motors

All 3 motors can be configured to a certain axis (focus, iris, zoom) and have their response rate adjusted (Normal, Slow, Fast, Auto).

Wired Controllers

Select which wired controller(s) are connected to the inputs of the MDR.X. Also select which axis that wired controller will operate.

Firmware Upgrade

We’re always updating the firmware on all of our products, especially Teradek RT. Keep your units up to date with just the click of a button.


Just like the red button on Teradek RT controllers, the app includes a button for recording/stopping the camera remotely.

Motor Control

While not as instantaneous, the app’s motor control works essentially like the CTRL.3 itself. It’s not meant for pulling focus, but comes in handy for configuration and testing where speed and accuracy aren’t necessary.


The Teradek RT Help Center is at the palm of your hands. Get questions answered and report bugs/errors with ease by going through the app.


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