Major Link Update: Link to Link WiFi Range Extension

Teradek Link and Serv Pro WiFi access points and range extenders for film production

The latest update for the Teradek Link is now available! If you’re not familiar with the Link, it’s a dual band WiFi access point designed for the cinema world. With powerful throughput, durable chassis, Gold/V power options and integration with Teradek units, it outperforms your standard off-the-shelf wireless routers. It’s also able to cover up to 1000 ft. around the unit.

Devices like the Serv Pro have a built-in range of 300 ft., meaning iOS devices need to remain close by to monitor the shot. With Link, ranges on all of your on-set wireless devices get extended to 1000 ft., giving you maximum mobility to capture that perfect shot.

Here’s what the new Link 1.0.2 update offers:

Extra Range with Link to Link

Multiple Link devices can now be used together to extend the range of your WiFi network (regardless of whether you have Internet or not). This means you can place Links in far off corners of your set and have them blanket the entire area with a quick and reliable WiFi connection.

How Does It Work?

The 1st Link acts as your hub (we’ll call it your Master Link). Your 2nd Link must be set to Client mode, allowing it to connect to the 1st Link. The wireless network established by your Master Link is now extended to your Client Link, so devices on one end can talk to devices on the other. In essence, this is roughly the same concept as bridging your home WiFi with two routers.

With the new Link to Link extension, you can connect multiple Links to the Master Link, or daisy-chain them to cover more distance.

Who Is It For?

This feature is perfect for multicam film productions, sports games, interactive marketing activations, and any other occasion that requires large areas to be connected on the same bulletproof WiFi network. Whether you’re passing live video from Cube Encoder to Decoder on a football field, or monitoring multiple cameras on your iPad with Serv Pro far from the action, Link’s latest firmware upgrade keeps you connected no matter how large the venue.

Update to the latest Link firmware here.


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