Frequently Asked Questions: Teradek RT ACI

The Teradek ACI is our new module for RED DSMC2® cameras that makes adjusting camera parameters a breeze. Camera assistants can quickly change settings directly on the assistant side of RED cameras without disrupting the flow on set, or use a remote to change settings wirelessly.

Here is a quick Q&A on the ACI:

Who is the ACI for?

  • ACI is the perfect tool for camera assistants, operators, DITs, or anyone in charge of managing camera settings. ACs and operators can easily configure settings from the operator side of the camera. DITs can also access settings from the comfort of their workstations with built-in wireless functionality.

What kind of workflows is the ACI for?

  • ACI caters to any production where time is critical. From studio sets to run-and-gun environments where changing camera settings could be a hassle, the ACI offers an efficient alternative to using RED’s default settings menu.

What cameras are the ACI modules compatible with?

  • ACI modules connect seamlessly to any camera in RED’s DSMC2 collection.

How does the ACI communicate with the camera?

  • ACI offers a remote control panel (RCP) port that is hardlined to the camera body.

What are the differences between the 3 models?

  • ACI is the base model for adjusting settings using the buttons and jog wheel directly on the camera.
  • RF.ACI is the wireless version that can be used either on-camera or as a remote for camera control. This requires a second RF.ACI or MDR.ACI on the camera. Perfect for drones, cranes, and virtually any workflow where the camera is mobile.
  • MDR.ACI is also a wireless version, but with a built-in Teradek RT receiver for focus, iris and zoom functions. This can be paired with any Teradek RT controller and motors to give you lens control and camera control in one simple package.

What devices do I need to use the RF.ACI wirelessly?

  • All that’s required is an RF.ACI to use as a remote and a second RF.ACI or MDR.ACI to use on-camera.

Will the RF.ACI / MDR.ACI pair with a MK3.1 receiver?

  • ACIs do not pair with the MK3.1 receiver.

How about the Latitude M / Latitude Sidekick?

  • ACIs will eventually pair with either the Latitude M or Latitude Sidekick for full wireless camera control. Coming soon.

How do I control lenses with the MDR.ACI?

  • MDR.ACI integrates with the entire Teradek RT ecosystem and acts as an MDR. It can be paired with any Teradek RT controller (MK3.1, CTRL.1, Smartknob, etc.) and motors (MK3.1, MOTR.X) to give you an all-in-one lens & camera control solution.

How far is the wireless range?

  • Modules feature 2.4GHz FHSS radios, which can reach up to 5,000 ft.

How do I power the on-camera ACI?

  • ACIs intended for on-camera use will include a cable with a single LEMO input into the ACI. The cable is split into a D-Tap and RCP LEMO cable on the other end.

How do I power the handheld RF.ACI?

  • RF.ACI remotes can be powered with Sony L-series or Canon LP-E6 batteries.

Can I attach an ACI on top of a Teradek RT Sidekick?

  • At this time, the ACI and Sidekick modules cannot be stacked. We will continue to find ways integrate as many DSMC2 accessories as possible.

Does the ACI also transmit wireless video?

  • No, the ACI line only supports camera and lens control. For a module that transmits wireless video, check out the Bolt DSMC2 module.

Will the ACI be available in other languages?

  • Yes, the ACI will eventually have support for multiple languages.
  • The first international language will be Chinese.

When will the ACI start shipping?

  • ACI will begin shipping in Fall 2018. More details on an official date will come.


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