Everything We Showcased at NAB 2019

We’re back from another exciting show at NAB! This year, we announced our most incredible new line of products that aim to revolutionize the world of filmmaking and broadcast.

A special thanks to those who visited our booth. To those who couldn’t make it, don’t worry! Here’s a list of everything we showcased at NAB 2019:

Bolt 4K

The new Bolt 4K introduces the next generation of real-time wireless video for filmmakers, broadcasters and all professionals in the video world. Bolt 4K transmits uncompressed 2160P60 HDR video with less than 1ms of delay to receivers up to 1,500 ft. away. It sports 8x the performance of previous Bolt generations, meaning you’ll get significantly more robust signal and video so the transmission always rock solid.

Bolt 4K will be shipping June 2019.


Our newest Teradek RT lens control line was a huge hit at the booth, especially the CTRL.3. The 3-axis controller comes with complete focus/iris/zoom control, a fluid focus knob, OLED display with limit buttons, and up to 5,000 ft. of wireless range.

What makes CTRL.3 special though is the software inside. It comes with integrated lens mapping and storage, which saves a tremendous amount of time during lens swaps and calibration in prep. But unlike most follow focus systems in the industry, CTRL.3 also includes critical follow focus information as overlays on SmallHD monitors. Any monitor running SmallHD’s Pagebuilder OS3 can display lens focal distance, focal length, iris, zoom and much more.

Also coming soon is the RT iOS App that’ll allow focus pullers to remotely manage their Teradek RT products via Bluetooth. More on that below.

CTRL.3 will be shipping May 2019.



Also integral to our new Teradek RT line is the MDR.X, an ultralight 3-channel smart receiver for focus/iris/zoom. At just 140g, it’s one of the lightest MDRs in the industry that support full FIZ control. The OLED displays motor information, battery percentage and more. It also has built-in RED DSMC2 camera control and Bluetooth for remote configuration via the RT iOS App.

MDR.X will be shipping May 2019.


The new motors were released earlier this year, but are part of the new Teradek RT series along with CTRL.3 and MDR.X. MOTR.X motors are faster and more responsive compared to the MK3.1, and feature indicator lights for F, I or Z. They’re also daisy-chainable (shown above), minimizing cables and keeping your setups as clean as possible.

MOTR.X is available now.

Bolt 4K PTZ

In addition to the Bolt 4K system, we’re also introducing something designed specifically for PTZ cameras. The Bolt PTZ (the black base above) mounts underneath PTZ cameras and sends uncompressed 2160P60 video from the camera to the receiver. At the same time, operators can also send serial control commands through the Bolt PTZ receiver to the transmitter, while also watching the video feed through a monitor.

Bolt PTZ will be shipping June 2019.

VidiU Go - HDMI

Streaming high-quality video doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, VidiU Go HDMI is the most affordable HEVC-enabled live streaming encoder in the industry. Broadcast pristine 1080p60 video from virtually anywhere with built-in network bonding and save tons of data with next-generation HEVC compression.

VidiU Go HDMI is available now!


Core is our cloud-based IP video management platform. Sounds confusing right? It’s actually quite simple. It’s not enough to simply do a raw live stream anymore - today’s broadcasters need more from their content. That’s why we developed Core, which offers features that take streams to the next level.

Here’s what Core offers:

  • Stream to multiple destinations (live platforms and decoders).
  • Configure Teradek codecs from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Monitoring in the cloud.
  • Archiving in the cloud.
  • Redundant streams for multiple backups.
  • Use encoders from other brands via MPEG-TS.
  • Network bonding.
  • Much more.

Learn more about Core at corecloud.tv.


The new CINE 7 by SmallHD is a 7-inch daylight viewable monitor that comes with a built-in Bolt 500 TX, Bolt 500 RX, Bolt Sidekick or no Bolt. What's unique about the CINE 7 is its integrated ARRI camera control feature, which means you don't have to fiddle with ARRI's default menu interface. They also support the DCI P3 color standard, making it the most vivid and detailed 7-inch monitor in the world.

The CINE7 is available now at SmallHD.com.

Bolt App for iOS

We want to elevate the entire experience of using Teradek gear, and that starts with simplifying the work filmmakers do on set. The new Bolt App allows Bolt owners with iPhones to manage every parameter of their Bolt 4K (and future Bolts) from the convenience of their smartphones. Do everything from TX/RX pairing to using Bolt 4K’s spectrum analyzer without needing to use the Bolt’s on-unit buttons.

The Bolt App will be releasing with Bolt 4K.

Teradek RT App for iOS

The new Teradek RT App allows you to configure RT products remotely via Bluetooth. Create lens maps, configure FIZ settings, perform basic camera controls, update firmware and much more all from your smartphone.

The App will be releasing with CTRL.3 and MDR.X.

RT Upgrade Program

We know a lot of filmmakers are using older Teradek RT and RT Motion follow focus sets, and we want to get you all on the latest technology. The RT Upgrade Program allows you to trade-in your old devices for credits towards the new Teradek RT line.

See if your device is compatible and learn more about the RT Upgrade Program here.


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