Core vs Sharelink - What’s the Difference?

Core: Cube, Slice, T-Rax, VidiU Go

Sharelink: VidiU Pro, VidiU Go

Both Core and Sharelink are our cloud-based stream management platforms that allow you to do much more with your video streams and provide the infrastructure needed for network bonding. And while both can be excellent additions to your encoder of choice, the two are a little different.

Let’s look at the main features:

Multi-Destination Streaming

Available on: Core & Sharelink

Our most popular feature of Core and Sharelink, multi-destination streaming, allows you to publish your single stream to as many live platforms (or decoders) as you want, all while only requiring the bandwidth resources of a single stream. Deliver your feed to multiple Facebook Pages, YouTube, Twitch, and other live platforms all at the same time.

Network Bonding

Available on: Core & Sharelink

Either a Core or Sharelink subscription is needed to enable network bonding on eligible devices. Bonding combines all of your broadband connections (4G USB, Ethernet, WiFi) into a single, load-balanced connection to give your streams the network redundancy to publish smoothly. If one connection encounters issues, the other networks provide backup without any interruptions to the stream.

Remote Access

Available on: Core & Sharelink

This feature lets you access and configure all of your streams’ parameters from anywhere with just an Internet connection. Change settings like resolution, bitrate, destination, and start/stop all from a PC or Core iOS app logged into your Core/Sharelink account.

HEVC Conversion to AVC

Available on: Core

Live platforms are still developing support for HEVC video playback, but most of Teradek’s current encoders can already compress HEVC video. With Core, you can take advantage of the bandwidth savings today but sending HEVC video from the encoder to Core, transcoding in the cloud, and publishing it to live platforms in the widely-accepted AVC format.


Available on: Core

Also only for Core, archiving allows you to save your streams directly to your Core account, which can be viewed or downloaded at any time. Perfect for post-broadcast edits or personal collections.

iPhone Hotspot Bonding

Available on: Sharelink

For VidiU Pro and VidiU Go users, Sharelink has a unique and effective way to give your encoder more connectivity. With iPhone hotspot bonding, you can combine up to 5 iPhone 4G/LTE hotspots into a single robust network for providing an Internet connection to your VidiU.

What’s The Difference?

The biggest difference is that only Core is available on our high-end IP video codecs, Cube/Slice/T-Rax. These devices are used by enterprise broadcasters to deliver point-to-point video, who often stream from encoder to decoder. Also used by ENG professionals to send video over IP from the field directly to the news station for edits.

Both Core and Sharelink are available for VidiU Go, allowing content creators to enjoy the benefits of our IP broadcast solutions.

Sharelink is only currently available for VidiU Pro and VidiU Go, which are used by live streamers for simple live streaming to Facebook, YouTube, etc. 


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