Announcing Teradek RT: Remote Lens & Camera Control Systems

Teradek RT wireless lens control systems

Marking our second major release of 2018, we’re happy to announce the launch of Teradek RT: our new line of wireless remote lens control systems. Take a look below to see what makes Teradek RT special.

What is Teradek RT?

Teradek RT lens control systems offer world class responsiveness, accuracy, and features at affordable prices. A typical Teradek RT kit is comprised of a controller, motor(s), and receiver for precise control over focus iris, and zoom.

How Do They Work?

For traditional setups, our wireless controllers communicate with a receiver attached to your camera at a range of up to 5000ft. For RED camera users, its possible to control AF and EF lenses using nothing but their internal motors and our Smartknob - no other pieces necessary.



MK 3.1 Receiver

The world’s smallest lens control receiver, the MK 3.1 supports basic lens control FI+Z functions with up to 3x motors. It also supports camera start/stop on all industry standard cameras such as RED, Panasonic, ARRI, Canon & Blackmagic.

Teradek RT Latitude

The Latitude line of receivers offer the same industry leading accuracy, responsiveness, and feature-set the MK 3.1 is known for, but with the addition of RED camera integration, offering seamless mounting and even more fine control over camera operation.

Latitude M

The Latitude M is a super lightweight and compact 2-channel receiver, perfect for gimbals, drones, and smaller rigs. The receiver comes with built-in WiFi for FoolControl and deep RED camera integration, providing EF/AF lens control, shutter, ISO, and button features (2x magnification, edge, focus assist).

Latitude MB

The Latitude MB is an alternative version of the MDR-M that includes an integrated LP-E6 battery plate to power the receiver while you’re shooting on the go.

Latitude Sidekick

The Latitude Sidekick (SK) is a 3-channel receiver with integrated RED camera control. The receiver attaches seamlessly to the side of any DSMC2 camera and is compatible with the RED Sidekick.

MK 3.1 Motor


The Teradek RT MK 3.1 brushless motors offer unparalleled responsiveness & accuracy in operation. The motors never cog, spark, or skip and operate nearly silently, even at high speeds, and have 4 times the service life of brushed motors. A perfect balance of size, weight and torque.


4-Axis MK 3.1

The 4-Axis controller has 4 mappable axes for lens control: knob, slider, and wheel A & B. The built-in OLED screen allows users to easily configure settings like automatic/manual lens calibration and start/stop marks. Each 4-Axis controller offers an extremely smooth, fluid feel with adjustable drag, ensuring you can dial in that shot with perfect accuracy.

6-Axis MK 3.1

Identical to the 4-Axis controller, the 6-Axis adds a Forcezoom thumbstick (red) which allows for precise lens zoom control. Any 4-Axis controller can be upgraded to a 6-Axis at our facility.

Smartknob (Wired)

The Smartknob is a standalone wired controller for Canon EF & Nikon AF lenses on DSMC / DSMC2 cameras. The controller has 6 mappable buttons, a fully-customizable layout, and can be used with or without a Teradek RT receiver.

The Smartknob can also be used as a wired second-hand unit for dedicated axis hand-off or as the wired primary controller.


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