5 Reasons Why the New 13RX is Perfect for Every AC and DP

SmallHD is bringing Bolt wireless video integration to their large production monitors, the 1300 and 1700 series. Now, instead of having to mount Bolt RXs to the monitors and connect them via BNC cables, everything is packaged into a streamlined, all-in-one monitor. In this post, let’s explore why the new 13RX is designed for ACs and DPs.

Ultra Sharp Daylight Viewable Display

Just like the 1303 line, the 13RX features the best in crystal-clear 1920x1080 13” displays that offer the richness and clarity needed by ACs and DPs everywhere. Additionally, it offers 1500 nits of brightness for those productions that take you outdoors and into the blaring sun so you can pull focus with unmatched precision in any environment.

Teradek Bolt Integration

Connecting wireless receivers to monitors is becoming a thing of the past. The 13RX includes an integrated Teradek Bolt Sidekick, allowing it to receive real-time video from any Bolt 500, 1000 or 3000 system (LT & XT). This means no need for connecting extra video/power cables and batteries, giving you a clean, streamlined monitoring setup.

Teradek RT Integration

With OS3, the 13RX supports direct integration with Teradek RT wireless follow focus and lens data overlays. When connected with a CTRL.3 or CTRL.1, the 13RX can display lens maps directly on the monitor as overlays, including lens focal distance, iris and zoom.

Why is this so important? Focus pullers have a lot to look at - the monitor, controller, camera, lens, and the on-screen talent. They need to see the relationship between the actors and the camera to measure distances and ensure controllers are set to specific marks. Then they have to check if the image is in focus.

By displaying the marks on the monitor, ACs can see where the lens is focused and see iris/zoom data without ever having to take eyes off the image.

Industry-Leading Monitoring Software

Across all current SmallHD monitors is one flagship operating system that gives filmmakers all the software tools they need in their monitors: OS3. Access key monitoring features such as waveform, vectorscope, exposure assist, frame lines, 3D LUT overlays and much more all with real-time wireless monitoring built in.

Learn more about OS3 here.

Perfect For Any Production

It’s not enough for ACs and DPs to have feature-packed monitors. These days, monitors need to be suited for any production environment. Whether it’s in the comfort of a film studio, in the harsh conditions of snowy mountains, or on run-and-gun productions where crews are moving fast, the 13RX is engineered to offer portability and durability wherever you’re shooting.


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