5 Reasons to Have Cine 7 On Your Next Production

You might be thinking, isn’t this the Teradek blog? Why are we talking about monitors? Well, if you aren’t aware yet, Teradek, SmallHD and Wooden Camera are now all within the same group of production technology companies known as Creative Solutions. We’re integrating our products closer together to shape the future of film production. So expect to see more of SmallHD and Wooden Camera posts on our blog!

SmallHD has just released their latest professional cinema monitor, the Cine 7. As more filmmakers want monitor their cameras wirelessly, and have complete mobility on set, monitoring solutions are getting smaller, lighter and better. So what makes Cine 7 so great? Here are 5 reasons to consider getting it for your next production:

1. Cinema Camera Control On Your Monitor

Changing camera settings can be time consuming or inconvenient, especially in the middle of a shoot. The on-camera Cine 7 changes that, with ARRI camera control built right into the Cine 7’s touchscreen interface (RED and Sony are coming soon). No need to dig through the ALEXA Mini’s EVF or RED’s default settings menu. Interface with the camera and access OS3’s rich software options all from the convenience of the Cine 7 display. The Alexa Mini / Amira camera control license is sold separately at $500.

For a limited time, SmallHD is offering the ARRI ALEXA Mini and AMIRA camera control license for free if you purchase a Cine 7 by May 19, 2019. Learn more about this promotion here.

2. Unrivaled Image Quality

For a 7-inch monitor, this thing packs A LOT of power. The Cine 7 features a DCI-P3 color gamut that offers more color representation and clarity than ever before, allowing you to see exactly what your camera is capturing. More colors doesn’t just mean an overall balanced enhancement to your display, but also means you can monitor with unprecedented color accuracy, helping you understand where the direction of each take is going.

It’s also designed to function perfectly in any production environment. The 1800 nit display makes it viewable in both studios and the bright outdoors so you have a compact, feature-rich monitor wherever you’re shooting.

3. Built-In Teradek Wireless Video

Cine 7 is great for monitoring on camera or off camera, but for those who want wireless monitoring built-in, Teradek and SmallHD have you covered. There are three different Cine 7 models that have Teradek Bolt transmitters or receivers integrated inside the monitor with just a few antennas popping out the top of the chassis.

Cine 7 Bolt Tx has an integrated Bolt 500 transmitter inside, allowing you to eliminate an additional transmitter module that needs to be connected to power and video on your camera setup. For hand-held models, Cine 7 can be purchased with an optional Bolt 500 RX or Bolt Sidekick (compatible with all Bolt ranges) receiver.

To recap, here are the available Cine 7 Bolt models:

  • Cine 7 Bolt 500 TX
  • Cine 7 Bolt 500 SK RX
  • Cine 7 Bolt 500 RX

  • In addition to the versatile camera control and the integrated Teradek hardware features, the Cine 7 also supports lens data overlays from Teradek RT follow focus systems. Connect any Cine 7 monitor to a Teradek RT CTRL.3 or CTRL.1 to view critical focus information such as lens focal distance, focal length, iris, as well as depth of field and Cine Tape distance readout. Overlays allows focus pullers to keep eyes on the image without having to look back and forth between the monitor and controller.

    4. Versatile Hardware Design

    Filmmakers need more in a monitor than just pristine picture quality. You want something you can bring to every set and be completely prepared. That’s why the Cine 7 comes with a comprehensive array of useful power and mounting options, as well as the accessories you need to open up your box and use the product right away. Here are the main ones:

    • 4x ¼-20” mounting points. Mount side handles to create a handheld director’s monitor.
    • Removable Gold-mount or V-mount battery bracket.
    • 2-pin connector for DC power.
    • 2x 3G-SDI inputs / 1x 3G-SDI output.
    • 1x HDMI input / 1x HDMI output.
    • 1x Ethernet port.
    • 1x 10pin ARRI locking ethernet connector to RJ45 cable (For Alexa mini camera control).

    5. Industry-Leading Tools & UI with OS3

    Across all current SmallHD monitors is one flagship operating system that gives filmmakers all the software tools they need in their monitors: OS3. Access key monitoring features such as waveform, vectorscope, exposure assist, frame lines, 3D LUT overlays and much more while also configuring ARRI, RED and Sony camera settings exclusive to the Cine 7.

    Learn more about OS3 here.


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