5 Reasons to Get the Ace 500 For Your Next Production

In today’s production world, every filmmaker wants to have wireless video in their camera package. Not only does it allow for HD wireless monitoring, but it makes handhelds, gimbals, cranes, and many mobile camera setups much more achievable. Needless to say, it’s leagues better than having cables on set, and you won’t find many productions without it these days.

But while wireless video is wanted on every shoot, it can still be out of the budget range for many professionals. Whether you’re an indie filmmaker, small production house, film student, etc., having a wireless monitoring system for every shoot can really step up your game. We know film tools can get expensive, so we decided to make our zero-delay technology more accessible than ever before. This is the Ace 500.

Here are 5 reasons to have it in your kit:

1. Incredibly Affordable

Higher-end productions want feature-rich and versatile wireless video systems, and the Bolt is perfect for their needs. But if you just want HD wireless monitoring without the extras, Ace 500 is made for you.

The Ace 500 is built with the same wireless performance as the Bolt line while keeping the features simple and affordable. It delivers uncompressed 1080p60 video with zero delay at up to 500 ft. of wireless range, and sports a single HDMI input & output for connecting to video cameras including DSLRs, camcorders, action cams, or any camera with HDMI support. This allows filmmakers who work with smaller camera systems to easily add wireless monitoring to their setup without breaking the bank.

Starting at just $999, Ace 500 is both powerful and budget-friendly. Need a monitor too? SmallHD has you covered. Use the Ace 500 with a SmallHD FOCUS 5 and get a complete wireless monitoring kit for just under $1500! Or take advantage of our Ace 500 Monitor Bundles, which will be released soon.

2. Built For Any Camera Setup

The Ace 500 isn’t just designed just for small camera systems. At just 126g for the transmitter and 146g for the receiver, Ace 500 is extremely compact and lightweight, making it ideal for DSLRs and cinema cameras alike. But another benefit of its form factor is mounting to mobile workflows. Need to mount on a gimbal, drone or Easy Rig? With Ace 500, you won’t have to worry about your transmitter adding any excessive weight. Similarly, Ace’s ultra-light receiver keeps your monitor lightweight and portable so you can move around effortlessly on set.

3. Compatible with Bolt 500

Already use Bolt 500 but want to add more wireless units? Ace 500 TXs & RXs are fully compatible with Bolt 500 TXs and RXs, meaning you can transmit video with the Ace TX and receive video on both the Ace RX and Bolt RX. In fact, you can transmit to up to any combination of 4 receivers simultaneously, whether that’s Ace, Bolt, Sidekick or SmallHD integrated monitors.

4. Compatible with SmallHD Bolt Monitors

Handheld monitors are so useful and versatile, but mounting Bolt receivers to the back results in a janky, bulky mess. That’s why we’ve developed SmallHD monitors with Bolt 500 receivers built-in. They’re lightweight, ergonomic, and super clean.

What makes Ace 500 special is: because it’s compatible with the Bolt ecosystem, it’s also compatible with SmallHD’s Bolt monitor line. This includes the FOCUS Bolt, 703 Bolt, FOCUS 7 Bolt and Cine 7 Bolt. Pair the Ace TX with any of these monitors to give yourself a complete all-in-one handheld monitoring system.

Alternatively, you can pair SmallHD’s on-camera FOCUS Bolt TX or Cine 7 TX with the Ace RX for a compact, streamlined camera setup that’s free of cables, arms and clutter.

5. A Clean Powering Solution

Want to keep the Ace TX and RX completely cable-free? Both TX and RX come with optional battery plates that can be attached directly to the unit, allowing you to power it via a Canon LP-E6, Sony L-Series, BP-U, or BP-9 battery. This is designed for rigging on smaller camera systems without professional camera batteries to power the Ace TX, and rigging on handheld monitors to keep the setup lightweight and portable.

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