Bolt 1000/3000 XT RX Battery Plates

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Battery Plates for Bolt 1000/3000 XT Receivers

The Dual (Male & Female) Battery Plate Set offers pass-through power, making it the ideal solution for mounting and powering a Bolt 1000/3000 XT receiver on monitors and with the Teradek Antenna Array.

The Single (Female Only) Battery Plate from Teradek allows you to secure a Gold or V-Mount battery directly to a Teradek Bolt 1000/3000 XT receiver to be powered internally. Please note, there is only one battery plate with this option, only the side that receives the battery. If you are looking to pass the power through to a male plate, select the Dual option.

Please select which mounting option (Gold-Mount or V-Mount) you would like.
Then select if whether you would like a Dual or Single battery plate.

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